Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm a Winner!

Yay! I won the ice cream contest!!! Thanks to everyone who voted and to Scoopalicious! I received my FANTASTIC Eagle Brand prize pack in the mail today and I love it! Here's what I got:
- An insulated picnic basket (I've always wanted a picnic basket :) )
- An ice cream pint cozie
- Cool Zyliss ice cream scoop (I was really excited about this, I have a couple other Zyliss products and love them!)
- Regular, low-fat & non-fat Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk
- Walmart gift card
- Smuckers milk chocolate and black cherry toppings (never even heard of the black cherry before, can't wait to try it!)
- An insulated ice cream container
- Popsicle molds

Thanks again! I'm excited to use some of these products to make more yummy treats!

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